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View of Mental Health: Is Pandemic Stress Exclusive to the Rich?

Under the frustration of continued lockdowns, people engaged in small ways of securing happiness and wellbeing, such as learning new skills and hobbies, meditating and streaming movies. They said we all fought together in the shared struggle to defeat the virus. But were we all really in this together? Or were large swathes of society left forgotten?

Are Degrees Still Worthwhile?

The start of another year at Warwick seems like a poor time to contemplate the point of my expensive education. The prospect of borrowing thousands a year just to complete a degree that doesn’t even guarantee a relevant job is hardly the thing freshers want to hear as they move into their student accommodation. However, with a rising number of students going to university and another record set to be broken this year, the question does have to be asked; are degrees still worthwhile?

The Trajectory of Liz Truss

Liz Truss, having been elected by 0.3 per cent of the country, is now Prime Minister. Truss’s record, combined with scrutiny of her policy proposals, suggests she will be an utter disaster in office. She is ideologically committed to making life worse for the majority of people. Truss was elected MP for South West Norfolk in 2010. Throughout her time in Parliament, and indeed before her election, her politics have consisted of primitive Thatcherism mixed with the career-driven opportunism typic

Red meat promises to the Conservative Party could win the leadership but won’t be kept

“There is no magic money tree”. Theresa May’s words were part-and-parcel of Conservative economics for much of the last 40 years since Thatcher came to dominate the party. This was true, perhaps most of all for Cameron, pursuing aggressive cuts to public expenditure following the Global Financial Crisis on the grounds that the public finances should and must be balanced. Whilst arguably an economically illiterate fiscal policy, it is inarguable that that was the government’s strategy.

Unpopular, ineffective and unfair: why inheritance tax should be replaced

It’s rare to find a tax as controversial in the developed world as inheritance tax. Unpopular with political parties and the public alike, it’s been rated as the U.K.’s least fair tax, with a net rating of -37, staggering compared to a highly regressive tax like VAT with a rating of +1. As such, it may seem surprising that inheritance taxes on average produce just 0.5% of national revenue for OECD countries and the UK.

Conservative corruption is all too obvious

The pandemic has brought unprecedented hardship to tens of millions of Britons, with over 130,000 loved ones lost to the virus. The strict lockdowns and restrictions introduced to fight it only adding to the loss of livelihoods and the devastating decline of our people’s mental health. However, the past year has also provided us with an enlightened view of the government’s irresponsible and crony spending of public funds.